The idea behind this blog is to do something no one else is doing right now, which is to tell the Florida citrus story in a visual way. This is important, because the Florida citrus industry is changing fast. I want to get around all the jargon, acronyms and text-heavy reports and show you what we see and experience day-to-day in the groves. I’ll be using fewer words and more photos–straight from the field–along with short, non-technical captions about what’s in the images. This way, you’ll see what we see as it happens. A lot of what’s here will be routine (which is important), but I’ll post about unusual weather and other events, too. This blog is here because the personal, human side of the changing face of the Florida citrus industry is mostly untold.

Much of this blog is written in real-time–or close to it. (This might help some folks–especially during extreme weather–if you want to see what we’re seeing in the field as it happens.) If you want to see how this works, check back here during a freeze or storm. If I come across really interesting or useful information from the field, it’ll probably go up on the web within minutes. In my blog, you’ll see the Florida citrus industry at grower’s eye level. And all this is smartphone compatible. This is great if you want to compare something you see here with your own trees. Check out the Topics and Search features to help narrow down your subject if you’re looking for something in particular.

More About the Author

My family is in citrus, and I help others organize and fund citrus research. We’ve been in Florida for three generations. I’m also an entrepreneur, scientist, writer, and photographer. I shoot landscapes and fashion, too. Be sure to check out Panotracks, my portfolio.

I have a web development firm and developed one of the most widely used citrus management field apps using artificial intelligence and handheld PDA devices. Some of the other websites I’ve designed or developed include:

I like hiking, running, biking, travel and exotic dining. I go to New York often, where you might catch me at B&H Photo checking out new cameras and technology, poking around Broadway/Times Square with friends or trying the latest styles.