While I was checking the groves the other day, I happened to reach inside a small orange tree and my hand brushed against a big bee hive. This hive is about half the size of a basketball. I’m not a bee expert, but I don’t think these bees are the aggressive African strain. I think these bees are an off-shoot colony from one of the hives of domesticated bees placed in the grove to help pollinate the crops. After Spring, when bee activity has slowed down, we’ll have to remove this hive for safety reasons. It’s on a tree that is too small to harvest, but it is somewhat close to some neighboring houses, and we don’t want harvesting crews to come across it next season when they are in the grove. In any case, the hive activity is an amazing thing to watch, as each bee has a specific job and they all work together for the common good.

• Aperture:ƒ/2.8• Credit:Steven Rogers• Camera:DMC-LX7• Taken:April 17, 2013• Exposure bias:-33/100EV• Focal length:17.7mm• ISO:80• Location:27° 56.1973′ 0″ N 81° 52.3018′ 0″ W• Shutter speed:1/200s