Despite the pressures of citrus greening, the crop yield so far looks good in some Florida citrus groves. This tree is about 4 years old. I’ve highlighted each of the fruits in about a 1-square meter area in the canopy to show you the numbers of fruits we’re seeing in these trees. Currently, these fruits are 2- to 3-inches in diameter, suggesting that they might size up well if they can hold onto the tree until they mature.

There are some concerns, related mostly to whether or not greening will cause many, if not most, of these fruits to prematurely fall from the trees. If we can get the trees to hold up to the stresses of disease, we might have a fair crop in this grove.

• Aperture:ƒ/2.7• Credit:Steve Rogers• Camera:Oregon 650• Taken:August 13, 2013• Focal length:4.0819997809mm• Location:27° 55.9357′ 0″ N 81° 54.1551′ 0″ W