Update on Early Pride in relation to HLB disease (2018-04-03): Our Early Pride trees are having a more difficult time these days due to HLB (citrus greening) disease. The trees are showing signs of yellowish leaves, and small fruits. So, while I believe we were able to work through the dieback issue, the HLB disease caught up to us. I’ll note that we’re coming through a fairly dry winter season so far, and some of the tree appearance may be due due climatic effects. That, coupled with the fact that trees related to Early Pride often show similar signs in general this time of year gives us hope we’ll see some tree recovery as we go into a presumably wetter growing season. I’ll update the Early Pride reports in this blog in the coming months with more photos and information in the next couple of months.

Later today (March 15, 2017), I’m giving a brief presentation and report at one of our groves on Early Pride dieback. We’re using two documents: 1) a pamphlet going over our experience in managing the problem, and 2) a paper co-authored with USDA on Early Pride. Here’s the link to both documents.

Early Pride Report: An Informal Discussion on Dieback

FSHS Paper: Update on Early Pride