Why are you doing this website?
What's your comment policy?
If I have a problem with my citrus trees, who do I ask?
Why aren't there more growers in your photos?
How are you able to write this blog, then?
How much time does it take you to maintain this blog?
What's it like to work in the Florida citrus industry?
Where did the citrus trees in Florida come from?
Where are the groves in Florida located?
What is the Florida Department of Citrus?
Where can I learn more about the Florida citrus industry?
Are there any good magazines for staying up to date on the Florida citrus industry?
Who are some of the more well-known people in the Florida citrus industry?
What are some other Florida citrus grower blogs worth checking out?
Where can I buy Florida citrus online?
Who do I contact for help if I have problems with my citrus trees?
If the Florida citrus industry is changing, what will it look like in 5 or 10 years?