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If you’d like to learn more about the technical side of growing citrus in Florida, check out this book that I co-edited with three others, and which is published by the University of Florida. Thirty-two scientists and growers from around the state also contributed to the book.

Florida Citrus: A Comprehensive Guide, by David Tucker, Steven Rogers, Edward Stover and Michael Ziegler

$30.00, includes 91 color and 51 b/w illustrations. 413 pp. SP278. ISBN: 0-916287-34-3

This Florida citrus book is a great reference and it includes the topics most important for growing citrus in the state. The Florida citrus industry is a 9-billion dollar industry. It’s a vital part of the state’s economy. But, it’s changing rapidly, and it’s important to have a good foundation for understanding the impact of these changes on growers, consumers and the state’s economy. This book will help you gain that appreciation. Each chapter is self-contained, so you can focus on the topics that interest you–you don’t have to read the book from front to back to get the value out of the book.

  • Industry Overview
  • Targeting the Marketplace
  • Variety Development
  • Site Selection
  • Grove Design and Architecture
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Grove Planting
  • Tree Growth and Development
  • Environmental Stresses
  • Cold Protection
  • Water Management in Florida Citrus Groves
  • Citrus Nutrition
  • Integrated Plant Protection
  • Crop Scouting
  • Application Technology
  • Managing Tree Size, Shape and Crop Quality
  • Precision Agriculture in Citrus
  • Weather
  • Crop Quality
  • Harvesting, Handling and Transportation
  • Processing
  • Citrus Economics