This photo shows a microjet irrigation system in place and ready to irrigate young citrus trees when they are planted in the field. The black line running from the front of the photo to the rear is the line itself that water runs through, and the orange stake contains a small outlet, called a microjet, from which water will be sprayed on the trees.

Growers call these small trees “replants”, because they are being planted in place of where we removed an older, declining grove. This older grove most certainly had greening, but I’ve tested the area before enough to know that it also had a number of other problems, including root weevils and tristeza. (Tristeza is a family of virus that attack citrus trees and cause a slow decline. It is different from greening in the severity of the decline that it causes).

The little trees will be taken from small plastic pots and planted directly into the hole that’s been prepared for them. We’ll pack the soil and add about a 5 gallon bucket of water to pack them in, then we’ll irrigate them for some time right after planting to help them establish.

• Aperture:ƒ/2.8• Credit:STEVE ROGERS• Camera:DMC-LX7• Taken:May 13, 2013• Focal length:4.7mm• ISO:80• Location:27° 56′ 27.25″ N 81° 54′ 13.71″ W• Shutter speed:1/200s