Tropical Storm Andrea hit Florida and brought around 3 inches of rain or so to our area June 6 and 7. This image shows the roads here just after some of the storm hit. More photos from the groves to come later. Greening-affected trees have responded in a positive way to the rain, with grapefruit doing especially well. This reinforces our belief that having sufficient water for greening-affected trees is vital to their survival, meaning that adequate irrigation will be especially important during dry seasons that come later. Young trees have also grown quite a bit of new flush, so we will need to watch them closely for psyllid and other insect populations that might attack any new growth.

UPDATE: June 12, 2013: We have also seen both oranges and grapefruit increase in size dramatically in the days since Andrea visited. Before the storm, you would drive through the groves and the fruit would not be so noticeable. Now, it is hard to miss the crop that is setting on the trees. Preliminarily, it looks like it might be a robust crop. This leads us to have some concern that there will be more fruit drop than desired next season because of some overhearing.

Note: This is one of the first shots from the groves with a Garmin Oregon 650t GPS-Camera. The photos are better quality than expected, but still not as good as the Panasonic DMX-LX7. But, the Garmin does not require the additional steps of merging time codes to stamp the images with GPS coordinates.