This tree declined suddenly over a period of a week or so. It resembles what’s known as “sudden death” in other parts of the world, but this particular tree probably succumbed to something different. We sometimes don’t know why trees die quickly like this, but in this case, it’s most certainly the result of several interacting disease and environmental factors.

When I shot this image last Fall (2012), it had been very dry for some time. This tree was already weak from disease and so just wasn’t able to survive the dry conditions. You can see that sufficient water was provided overall to the grove since the healthier trees next to it looked fine.

• Aperture:ƒ/4• Credit:Steven Rogers• Camera:DMC-LX5• Taken:October 4, 2010• Exposure bias:-66/100EV• Focal length:17.1mm• ISO:80• Shutter speed:1/800s