As told in our full story and our article for the Indian River Citrus League, we talk about an exciting program we’re working on with the Division of Plant Industry for non-chemical ways of controlling Asian citrus psyllid. We’d also like to introduce a new “right here, right now” technology solution we developed to help with our role in the program. This is an iPhone app for tracking Tamarixia wasp releases.

Psyllids are small insects that transmit a disease called citrus greening, which many consider the most serious production issue in Florida. There are a lot of options for controlling psyllids, including chemical treatments and strategic options like Citrus Health Management Areas. Psyllid interventions are increasingly complicated, and involve an intricate series of field surveys, calculations, regulatory management and treatment maneuvers to achieve control.

To design our app, we started with the form provided by Drs. Stuart and Rohrig, then converted it into a WYSIWYG single-parameter relational database (Figure 4). This form serves as the app’s graphical user interface.