Florida citrus groves are often ravaged by wild hogs that damage areas around trees and eat crops. This photo shows how the hogs root up the soil, causing damage in what growers call, “drive middles’. The result is an extremely bumpy ride between the tree rows. When the hogs to this same thing next to young trees that have just been planted, they can uproot the trees, causing growers to have to go through and plant the young trees again. Growers often work with professional hunters that trap the hogs and help reduce their populations. The problem tends to be worse in groves that are near hammocks and woods.

• Aperture:ƒ/2.7• Credit:Steve Rogers• Camera:Oregon 650• Taken:August 13, 2013• Focal length:4.0819997809mm• Location:27° 56.1104′ 0″ N 81° 54.1634′ 0″ W